Explore our exceptional range of cutting-edge liquid sensing solutions. From our non-contact conductivity level detector and fluid conductivity sensor to our innovative water bottle that measures total salt content and temperature, and our continuous level sensor, each product represents our commitment to revolutionizing how we interact with liquids. Click on the links below to discover more about our groundbreaking offerings and their potential to transform your industry.

The detector signals when the liquid conductivity level exceeds the threshold value and is intended for estimating the total salt content in the water.

The sensor allows non-contact measurement of the electrical conductivity of liquids.

The combination of a high technology sensor, together with advanced signal conditioning and packaging techniques, provides an ideal long-term solution for reliable, accurate, and economical level measurements.

A water bottle that evaluates the quality of water and shows whether you are drinking hard or soft water.

The bottle measures the total salt content in the water poured into it and displays the measurement results on a digital indicator.

Our Expertise

01. Liquid Sensing Technology Solutions

Development of liquid sensing technology solutions and compact electronic devices for measuring the level, density, capacitance, and conductivity of solutions for various industry applications.

02. Semiconductor Structures

Research on the physical processes in thin dielectric layers of semiconductor structures.

03. MOS transistors

Original design of a MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) with a threshold voltage controlled by strong-field electron injection into the sub-gate dielectric.


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