Continuous Level Sensor

The combination of a high technology sensor, together with advanced signal conditioning and packaging techniques, provides an ideal long term solution for reliable, accurate and economical level measurements.

  • The readings of the meter are not affected by the presence of impurities in water that change its relative permittivity and conductivity.
  • The water level sensor does not require reconfiguration when the water composition changes from pure drinking water to sea water.
  • Original water level measurement technology does not require temperature measurement or thermal compensation.
  • Simple design for convenient and easy deployment.
  • The level sensor has no moving mechanical elements and active electronic elements located under water.
  • The connecting cable and the control probe are completely sealed against water.
  • In pressurized tanks, level measurements are not affected by changes in tank pressure.
  • The liquid level meter can be placed inside metal and plastic tanks.

When installed, the level sensor is lowered into the water and fixed on a suspension. Does not require calibration and installation. If it is necessary to obtain temperature data, the level sensor can be equipped with a temperature sensor.


  • Potable water. From groundwater borehole to surface water level measurements in rivers, canals and reservoirs
  • Wastewater and remediation. Monitoring of secondary and outflow sewage levels and contaminated groundwater levels in landfill sites
  • Tank level
  • Sea water: Marine environmental applications, including tide gauging, coastal flood protection and wave profiling, amongst others


Good electromagnetic compatibility is ensured by the low frequency of the measuring signal.

The continuous level meter consists of a signal converter 1 , a four-wire cable 2, a liquid impedance control sensor 3, a load 4 and a digital display unit. From the output of the signal converter 1, information about the height of the liquid column enters the display unit.
When taking measurements in natural or artificial reservoirs, the level meter is placed on a remote suspension. The signal converter is placed above the liquid at the four-wire cable attachment point.

Main Technical Characteristics

Measurement range: from 10 cm to 30 m

Working temperature: from 0°F to +140°F (from -17,7°C to 60°C)

Signal converter dimensions: diameter 20 mm, length 60 mm

Liquid level measurement accuracy: 1%

Supply voltage: 2.8 – 5.5 V


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